IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference on February 22, 2017

IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference on February 22, 2017

by Pilot

Posted on November 29, 2016

We have been asked many times, why are payroll systems always out of balance and how can payroll providers achieve account reconciliation? It’s quite simple, payroll providers have a single entry system. In the industry, some may not even realize this is an issue or they simply don’t have the resources to reconcile the data output. That’s why The FBGH family of companies developed the Quantum product series with a specific purpose in mind: to make it easier for payroll providers to achieve account reconciliation that is specific to the industry, automated, and with data from a single platform.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reconciliation, Account level
  • Reconciliation, Client by Client level
  • Balanced funds held for client’s account, Bank level
  • Balanced funds Held for client’s account, Client by Client level
  • Detailed “out of balance” client tax report
  • Monthly “analysis” statement (with daily balances)
  • Automated G/L posting report (most systems)
  • Multiple NSF notices (until collected)
  • Tracer number reporting (as required)
  • Open file alert (non-approved) – we actually call you!
  • NSF “returns” notifications (multiple)
  • Credit “returns” notifications (multiple by option)
  • NSF “call back” program (assisted collections program)
  • $100,000 guaranty – If you’re in balance, we’ll write you a check*