Partner Objective

After first contact with our clients, we analyze the client’s business needs, partner software and vendor preferences to gain a clear understanding of the client’s priorities. In order to provide a successful service, we establish clear objectives for the discovery process.

Strategy Formation

Our strategic consulting team works with clients to develop a clear strategy for achieving the previously defined partner objectives. We work with our clients to assemble an understanding of how your business works, the Payroll and HR software features you need and then evaluate the overall strategy for single application software requirements.

Partner Approach

We present our clients with a systematic approach including the discovery of the desired features, price point, and scalability you want to consider. The partner approach to achieve single application software includes measurable deliverables to manage expectations. At this stage we sign all contracts including NDAs and POAs.

Commitment to Excellence

As a result of this process, our clients are satisfied with the outcome and the time and cost savings. Our commitment to excellence keeps us ahead of our competitors. We started this business to fill a need expressed by clients who came to us based on their desire to find a single source for their Payroll and HR software solution needs. A journey that considered their business objectives, their partners and their preferred vendors. At Pilot Software Solutions, we are committed to the highest standards of conduct and hold our reputation to a higher level of accountability.